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Play Therapy

Virginia's approach to play therapy is based on non-directive play therapy, often referred to as ‘child-centered play therapy’ in the US. This approach is very respectful of children's ability to find their own, unique solutions to their emotional and social problems. It taps into children’s natural ability to express their feelings and thoughts through play. Virginia's articles and books are well known sources of information on this method of therapy. (See publications)

Children and young people aged between 3-15 years of age referred to Virginia for play therapy may show emotional and social difficulties for a variety of reasons. They may have had especially difficult experiences such as loss of an important adult or sibling through death or separation, a disability, an accident or serious illness themselves, or in their family. Children and teens may have other sources of possible trauma, including maltreatment, or complex life events that they may find particularly difficult to manage. They may have reactions that are distressful to themselves and others. For play therapy to begin, children and young people need a relatively stable home life and a parent or carer who is able to support their therapy. Please contact Virginia for a detailed play therapy quotation.

Virginia’s practice follows the ethical guidelines of the British Association of Play Therapists. Please see www.bapt.info for more complete details about play therapy, BAPT's ethical guidelines, complaints procedures and other professional issues.