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Please ensure your images comply with the PDI requirements for projection before uploading.

Please ensure your inform the club secretary of any change of address.

Step 1

Plese complete an entry for each of the four items below and click 'Continue', to tell us who you are and which competition you are entering.

Enter your Competition Number

Select your Post Code

Enter the first letter of your last name

Select the Competition Type

When uploading, please note:

This form works well with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. If you use Microsoft IE or Edge you may find that the filename of the image you have selected to upload may be obscured

Sizing and naming for club competitions:

Each JPEG image may not exceed 2MB in size

The image width limit is 1400px

The image height limit is 1050px

The file extension (.jpg) must be lower case

The following characters are not allowed in file names: _ # & / : ; ‘ * ” ~ < > | ? \ [ ]

If you experience any issues with uploading, please email the Upload Administrator

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